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Tolkien Collector's Guide
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18 February
2024-2-18 4:03:03 AM UTC
Wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing!
18 February
2024-2-18 8:13:25 AM UTC

Dale Nelson wrote:

Isn't Vol. 6 especially hard to get hold of? (Don't laugh at the ignoramus here -- I suppose everyone knows about that.) What's the story on that one?
Indeed. I'm looking for it since its parution without luck. After the vol. 6, there is also the 4 which is difficult to find.
18 February
2024-2-18 9:17:27 AM UTC
6 and 8 missing for me....
18 February
2024-2-18 7:51:55 PM UTC
Beautiful! Very close to completing mine.
19 February
2024-2-19 10:23:54 AM UTC

Wow, impressive ! Congratz, Berelach !
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