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By Taivo
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Beautiful New Yiddish editions

18 February (edited)
2024-2-18 10:37:42 AM UTC

I recently came across a source for some new Yiddish editions being made in Sweden by Olniansky Books on etsy. So far, Fellowship was published in 2022 and Two Towers in 2023. Return is due out at the end of 2024. I got my copies just last week and they seem to be very well-made.

5095_65d1ddddcf424.jpg 800X621 px
18 February
2024-2-18 1:27:58 PM UTC
That's great cover art!
18 February
2024-2-18 3:08:39 PM UTC
I agree! It's credited to Marta Leonhardt.
18 February
2024-2-18 5:23:33 PM UTC
Very cool!
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