Perhaps this is a dumb question and I just need to familiarize myself with the TCG website more, but is there somewhere that informative guide articles are posted for ease of access/reference? I have tried various pages/links on the "Guide" section but haven't found them. If they are somewhere could someone please let me know where?

If not, I would suggest that these be added to the relevant book pages of the guide, or at least all be linked to on one page where members or visitors can scroll and click through as needed. As someone who is (relative to most members here) new to Tolkien collecting, these articles have been very helpful and I think others who are new to the site would find them helpful as well.

For example, in the past year some of the articles that come to mind are:

TCG Articles.jpg

Trotter's U.K. First Edition Silmarillions

Mr. Underhill's U.S. First Edition Silmarillions

The TCG Review of the Revised Edition of Tolkien's Letters

Trotter's Tolkien and the Swan Press

Mr. Underhill's E.V. Gordon's Pearl

Mr. Underhill's U.S. First Edition Hobbits

Trotter's U.K. First Edition Hobbits

Mr. Underhill's Second Edition Hobbits