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Curious about Hobbit serialization in Princess magazine

22 March
2024-3-22 4:03:40 PM UTC

Can anyone post pictures from this? I'm not sure of the dates, but JRRT is discussing it in mid-1964. This was a magazine for what in the US would be middle school girls, yes? Thanks.
22 March
2024-3-22 4:06:51 PM UTC
Not sure exactly what photos you are looking for?

Here are a few:

11_65fdac8a85457.jpg 1518X2023 px

11_65fdac8a85b23.jpg 1410X1880 px

11_65fdac8a85cf1.jpg 1410X1880 px

11_65fdac8a85d2d.jpg 1410X1880 px

11_65fdac8a85d64.jpg 1410X1880 px

11_65fdac8a85ff8.jpg 1410X1880 px
22 March
2024-3-22 4:26:28 PM UTC
Have a look at Deagol's article on
22 March
2024-3-22 4:57:21 PM UTC
Thank you for the photos showing what the mag looked like and how it handled the serial. Very enjoyable!
22 March
2024-3-22 4:58:18 PM UTC
Thanks for the link to the article. The picture of the dwarves reminded me of Mad magazine artist Mort Drucker's style.
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