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28 March
2024-3-28 10:04:03 AM UTC
Ran over to pick up my copy during the morning coffee run and I can't wait to get it home and unwrapped tonight; the colours on the box are absolutely gorgeous in person, and I trust that the books themselves will be equally so.
30 March
2024-3-30 2:19:40 PM UTC
The second box arrived today.
Very nice box, the colour's as has been noted are very nice. The height difference to the first is not as pronounced as it looked in Trotter's photograph and I doubt that I will notice it on the shelf.

It is lovely to see John Howe's illustrations finally being used for a hardcover series, which I've been excited about since I was a teenager. Looking forward to rereading these and adding the references to the Guide to Tolkien's Letters as I do.
2 April
2024-4-2 6:38:45 PM UTC
I received the second boxset today, shipped to the U.S. from Awesome Books. Very pleased to have no damage to the box by shipping as happened with the first set. I was waiting to see how this box arrived, as if it had shipping damage I was probably not going to order from Awesome Books again. As it is, I think I am going to stick with them to pre-order the third boxset, even risking some minor damage as happened with the first set, since it's $40+ cheaper on Awesome Books than Blackwell's or Amazon.
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