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16 Jun, 2022
2022-6-16 1:53:54 AM UTC
This could be decent. I have a lot more hope for this than the TV series.
11 June
2024-6-11 5:08:19 PM UTC
Some images from the film, images from Entertainment Weekly.

War of the Rohirrim.jpeg

Meet the 'rebellious' heroine and 'fascinating' villain of Lord of the Rings anime prequel
Producer Philippa Boyens, director Kenji Kamiyama, and voice actress Gaia Wise preview "The War of the Rohirrim." ... villain-exclusive-8661309
12 June
2024-6-12 5:09:49 AM UTC
Warner Bros. Animation, New Line Cinema and Sola Entertainment previewed 20 minutes of its upcoming anime feature “The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim,” receiving thunderous applause during the packed presentation on Tuesday at the Annecy Animation Festival.
😍 ... ootage-annecy-1236033199/
12 June
2024-6-12 5:11:39 PM UTC
Judgement reserved on this until I have seen it. It might be good...on the other hand!

Like it or not, the cat is out of the bag when it comes to Tolkien film adaptations. like many here, I suspect, I came to Tolkien long before the films were even thought of. But we have to accept that Middle-earth is now a popular culture fixture. There are many whose only exposure to Middle-earth is through the movies and computer games and have no intention of reading Tolkien - they just want visual entertainment involving characters who have now become as famous as Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse. It matters not - the books are still there and nothing will change that.

The error many people make new to Tolkien is mixing the books and the films. This is like comparing apples and pears - both are completely different.
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