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15 June
2024-6-15 11:39:52 AM UTC
I am very excited for the book. Hopefully will get an English copy as my French is woeful these days.
15 June
2024-6-15 3:01:02 PM UTC
Those look fantastic!
28 June (edited)
2024-6-28 1:14:58 PM UTC
Posted on the Tolkien Collector FB group, but here are the pictures of the private viewing "Aubusson weaves Tolkien" Exhibition, where I had the chance and privilege to meet again with the Tolkien Family, as well as Catherine McIlwaine and Professor Ferré.
A memory I will cherish forever.

Below the pictures of the event.

4888_667eb33c7e155.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e1cc.jpg 1600X1204 px

4888_667eb33c7e21c.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e266.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e2af.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e304.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e34b.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e394.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e3e1.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e428.jpg 1600X1204 px

4888_667eb33c7e46a.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e4ab.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e4eb.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e533.jpg 1600X1204 px

4888_667eb33c7e577.jpg 1600X1204 px

4888_667eb33c7e5b7.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e5f6.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e637.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e676.jpg 1204X1600 px

4888_667eb33c7e6b7.jpg 1204X1600 px
28 June
2024-6-28 1:44:57 PM UTC
Hope they add The Hill to the tapestries 😍
28 June
2024-6-28 2:22:43 PM UTC
And a first look at the catalogue (signed by Baillie, Emmanuel Gerard director of the City of the Tapestry, Alice Bernadac, curator of the exhibition ; Catherine Mc Illwaine and Vincent Ferré, who wrote articles in the catalog.)

Inside, a preface by Baillie Tolkien, an introduction by Emmanuel Gerard, and some articles by C. McIllwaine, Vincent Ferré, Alice Bernadac and others.
The second part is dedicated to the tapestries : each one has a double page with the cartoon facing the final artwork, plus another 2 pages about details and original painting by Tolkien.















Baillie and Adam kindly signed a special page of the Tolkien Family Album :)



And at last a copy of Letters From Father Christmas (HC 2023 jacketed edition) signed by Baillie and a beautiful poster reproducing the Map of Middle Earth Carpet revealed last year :







4888_667ec1b1a103e.jpg 4032X2268 px
28 June
2024-6-28 2:24:26 PM UTC

Trotter wrote:

Hope they add The Hill to the tapestries 😍

Yes, I agree, this one is missing and should be part of the collection !
28 June
2024-6-28 2:40:43 PM UTC
Thanks to Emilien, Links to the Catalogue which is due for release on 11th July.

French ... na-levy-philippe-bouchet/
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Aubusson tisse Tolkien, l'aventure tissée

Lienart (2024-07-11)

$32.05 (Hardcover) - Availability: Now
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English ... na-levy-philippe-bouchet/
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Aubusson weaves Tolkien : The woven adventure

Lienart (2024-07-11)

$32.11 (Hardcover) - Availability: Now
£27.32 (Hardcover) - Availability: Now
€23.49 (Gebundene Ausgabe) - Availability: Backorderable
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28 June
2024-6-28 3:30:42 PM UTC
Really great images, thanks for sharing Emilien!
28 June
2024-6-28 4:42:59 PM UTC
Wow, those are stunning!
28 June
2024-6-28 6:31:12 PM UTC
Is the English version of the book only available from that site and how easy is it to order please?
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