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By V1nyl
Just popping in

Tolkien Reads & Sings LPs 8-NEW collection for sale

7 Mar, 2010 (edited)
2010-3-7 2:02:17 AM UTC

I am selling my vintage record albums from the 1970's. These are NEW - still sealed - and never played -
I have the J.R.R. Tolkien Reads & Sings The Hobbit; Lord of the Rings ; Two Towers / Fellowship of the Ring ; Silmarillion ; Poems & Songs of Middle Earth : 4-LP-boxed Set plus 4 more - all posted on a website at :
Without going on eBay, does anyone know how I would find a collector that would like to have these?
Thanks for any help

[email protected]

577_4b930b87240bb.jpg 2200X1700 px
21 Mar, 2010
2010-3-21 1:02:35 PM UTC
Hello V1nyl -

These records have always fascinated me, and I have not ever seen all of them in one place much less in mint state. However, I would risk certain divorce at a minimum (and possible loss of life or limb) were I to collect any more Tolkien items (other than the calendars.) But my perception is that you have posted in the right place. If anyone here has an interest (or knows of someone who does), you will get a reply.

Thanks for posting this.

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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