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Signed 1971 Fellowship of the Ring

22 Oct, 2011 (edited)
2011-10-22 5:31:22 AM UTC

My uncle found this in a Charity Shop (Thrift Store) yesterday, what do people think?

1971 Fellowship of the Ring (6th Impression of the Second printing). price-clipped dust-jacket and a 21st Birthday inscription on front-page.

10_4ea25522de21e.jpg 768X1024 px
22 Oct, 2011
2011-10-22 10:28:07 AM UTC
Looks fine to me - compare it with the sig. in that letter.

Lucky old uncle!
22 Oct, 2011
2011-10-22 10:31:15 AM UTC
He paid £3.99 from an Oxfam Bookshop, I think this must trump any finds in the Lucky Finds thread
22 Oct, 2011
2011-10-22 10:50:12 AM UTC
Also looks fine to me. I have a Signed 1970 Return of the King (with provenance) with what appears at first glance to be an indentical signature in both style, colour and depth of signature.

The seller I purhased the book from worked with Unwin at the time. He had a set of 3 signed books (1971 FOTR, 1971 TT and 1970 ROTK). But his 1971 FOTR was stolen at some point. (Not saying that this is the copy of course).
22 Oct, 2011
2011-10-22 11:07:45 AM UTC
I'm always happy to buy it from your uncle ;)
22 Oct, 2011
2011-10-22 11:13:16 AM UTC
I know, obviously I am first in line in buying this item as he is my uncle.
22 Oct, 2011
2011-10-22 12:32:23 PM UTC
I have to move to the UK, won't find items like this in Swedish Charity Shops!
22 Oct, 2011 (edited)
2011-10-22 12:39:49 PM UTC
From Oxfam! Luckier and luckier! Oxfam shops usually send anything remotely valuable to a central depot for valuation, don't they? or at least, I'm sure they did once. This must have slipped thru the net.
22 Oct, 2011
2011-10-22 1:10:44 PM UTC
It does not surprise me... I know what I have bought there in 1991 and 1992 and 1994... and only three times I went to oxfam bookshop and every time hit the jackpot. I have wished more often to live in the UK... but then again always thought that these days at oxfam they would look out more carefully. Good for your uncle that it is still possible! This gives many of us hope again!!
22 Oct, 2011
2011-10-22 3:54:38 PM UTC
Awesome find!
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