Henry Gee sent this news along about the forthcoming issue of Mallorn from The Tolkien Society:

Dear All - I'm almost at the beginning at the end of pulling Mallorn 47 together, so much so that I can give you an idea of the contents. Please note that this might not be the final FINAL line-up, and might change subject to the vicissitudes of production.

Editorial: The Ode Goes Ever On - Henry Gee discovers poetry.

Letters to the Editor: Virginia Luling responds to David Doughan's article on the womens' movement (in M45) and Richard Gonsowski commends Murray Smith for his article on Roman Law (M46).

Reviews: Henry Gee on Dimitra Fimi; Lynn Forest-Hill on Caroline Davidson; David Doughan on On Fairy Stories; Joel Franz on Lynn Forest-Hill; Colin Duriez on the Tolkien Society 2005 volumes; and at least one more thing I can't remember (sorry).

Commentary; Dale Nelson on Tolkien and Rider Haggard; Franco Manni on History Real and Imagined; Alex Lewis on Fairy Stories; Lou Markos on the echoes of Homer in Tolkien - and yes, other stuff.

Poetry (yes, there will be some)

Fiction from Lynn Forest-Hill and RPG

Well I'm Back: Zak Cramer cooks up tasty seasonal recipes using dragon meat.