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By garm
Home away from home

At it again - again ['Antique Sketch']

26 Jun, 2010 (edited)
2010-6-26 8:05:10 AM UTC

Here's another mountain scene: ... wings&hash=item335e620479

Apparently it was found in a scrap book from a house clearance. Vendor is in Wimbourne - has he changed his ebay name?

125_4c25c97ba5551.jpg 800X600 px

125_4c25c99211438.jpg 800X600 px
26 Jun, 2010
2010-6-26 9:22:20 AM UTC
Not sure about the name change garm, but I report this item every time I see it. The last story was that it was found at a car boot sale I think. eBay, whether true or not, say they'll only suspend accounts if there are multiple breaches. I guess if a fair amount of us report these every time they are listed, the complaints will build up.

28 Jun, 2010
2010-6-28 3:49:31 PM UTC
Winning bid: US $140.00 (Approximately £93.47)

28 Jun, 2010
2010-6-28 5:13:06 PM UTC
If the buyer leaves feedback then they could get an email about this item.
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