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Need help to identify possible Tom Bombadil Original Promo Item

21 Nov, 2010
2010-11-21 11:12:39 PM UTC

Described as a promo item that was released with the Adventures of Tom Bombadil, Criteria 1962. It is made of a composite paper material and has cloth hinges and closes to about the size of a trading card. Any help identifying the origin and date of this item would be appreciated.

737_4ce9a5aec0175.jpg 367X242 px

737_4ce9a5c6612a8.jpg 378X252 px
22 Nov, 2010
2010-11-22 4:49:47 AM UTC
Looks awesome, but I have never seen it before and don't recall any mention of it. Hoping someone else has more info...

could it be a fan-made item?
22 Nov, 2010
2010-11-22 3:18:07 PM UTC
The images on this item appear to have been printed on. Doubt it is fan made.
22 Nov, 2010
2010-11-22 6:50:35 PM UTC
Given that the artwork doesn't appear to be by Pauline Baynes, I think it unlikely to have been produced by Allen & Unwin or Houghton Mifflin.

It looks homemade to me. Perhaps someone experimenting with printing techniques? If it was a commercial item wouldn't it have a name or some kind of identification?
23 Nov, 2010
2010-11-23 1:01:33 AM UTC
Printed on or not, it does look like a one-off. Christina and I have never seen this before, and (echoing Deagol) any official promo surely would have used Pauline Baynes's art and identified a publisher. Another suggestion of homemade production is that the text on the left panel twice has "is" for "was" compared with the published poem.

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