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3 May, 2023
2023-5-3 8:13:08 AM UTC

Roäc wrote:

I found this just the other day in a second edition, second impression Two towers from -67.

Excellent. Very nice. Had not seen this one before.
3 May, 2023
2023-5-3 1:15:08 PM UTC
I have this flier from 1999 which unfolds to reveal the large selection of Tolkien books available at the time.

4419_64525e0359edd.jpeg 3264X2448 px

4419_64525e2166171.jpeg 2048X1536 px

4419_64525e4012f55.jpeg 1536X2048 px
18 April
2024-4-18 3:02:51 AM UTC
A friend shared these on Facebook earlier today and gave me permission to repost them here. Enjoy!


Three Tolkien publisher catalogue covers


1989/90 catalogue cover


1989/90 catalogue interior


July-December 1993 catalogue cover


1989/90 catalogue interior pages


Centenary (1991) catalogue interior pages

Note the variant cover on the Tolkien Family Album...
18 April
2024-4-18 7:37:05 AM UTC
As time goes by, I find these things more interesting than the books sometimes. Lovely to see.
18 April
2024-4-18 8:58:43 PM UTC
Here is another - Christmas 2000

11_6621896265ec0.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_6621896c5ab91.jpg 1505X2008 px

11_6621897957294.jpg 2560X1920 px
18 April
2024-4-18 9:01:05 PM UTC
And a 1977 USA Silmarillion one

11_662189ef8ddf6.jpg 1410X1880 px

11_662189fd3fba9.jpg 2508X1880 px

11_66218a0dab7f7.jpg 2508X1880 px
18 April
2024-4-18 9:04:50 PM UTC
"Tolkien is Golden" - USA

11_66218ab7ec9f1.jpg 2508X1880 px

11_66218ab7ecc6a.jpg 2508X1880 px

11_66218ab7ecca8.jpg 2508X1880 px
19 April
2024-4-19 2:06:09 PM UTC
2001 Houghton Mifflin Pre-Film Promo Catalog

11_66227a037a738.jpg 1483X1978 px

11_66227a037a7b2.jpg 1483X1978 px

11_66227a037aac9.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_66227a037ac7a.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_66227a037acb5.jpg 2560X1920 px
19 April (edited)
2024-4-19 2:09:03 PM UTC
2003 Harpercollins

11_66227af74c928.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_66227af74cbd8.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_66227af74cc17.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_66227af74cc4d.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_66227af74cc83.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_66227af74ccb5.jpg 2560X1920 px

11_66227af74cce9.jpg 2560X1920 px
19 April
2024-4-19 2:18:19 PM UTC
Interesting to see the different covers for two of these UK books, The Complete Guide to Middle-earth and John Garth's Tolkien's War (How J.R.R. Tolkien survived the Great War).

I think Tolkien and the Great War was the better choice.
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