I have a small query regarding the poem The Dragon's Visit. Specifically the version printed in 'Oxford Magazine' 1937 and the line 'from over the Blue Mountains,'.

In 'The Annotated Hobbit', the opening paragraph reads:

The dragon lay on the cherry trees
a-simmering and a-dreaming:
Green was he, and the blossom white,
and the yellow sun gleaming.
He came from the land of Finis-Terre,
from over the Blue Mountains,
Where dragons live, and the moon shines
on high white fountains.

Yet on the websites Tolkienano and TwilightWarden the line (bold above) is emitted.

Doug includes the line in 'Tales Before Narnia' retaining it as was printed in AH.

Can anybody confirm that the line is present in the 'Oxford Magazine' and therefore that it is emitted in error by twilightswarden and repeated by tolkieniano. Or is it added by mistake by Doug and if so, where did it come from?

Thanks for any help.