On the 5th of June 2018, during the first week of the exhibition at the Bodleian Libraries titled Tolkien Maker of Middle-earth, a one and a half hour panel discussion was given with special guests Dame Marina Warner, Professor Verlyn Flieger and Dr. Dimitra Fimi, chaired by Professor Carolyne Larrington.

They cover the origins and the uses of myth-making as a literary genre, the motivation which lay behind Tolkien's own myth creation, and the rise in fantasy literature during his lifetime.

This panel discussion is now available for viewing at http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/mythopoeia-myth-creation-and-middle-earth

Enjoy! If you look carefully, you can see the back of Priscilla Tolkien's head just in front of Dr. Fimi, as well as other notables in the Tolkien community.