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By garm
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1st ed Hobbit at auction

25 Mar, 2019 (edited)
2019-3-25 5:04:31 PM UTC

10_5c9920d28d05e.jpg 897X600 px
25 Mar, 2019
2019-3-25 6:44:58 PM UTC
Sorry, but the fact that it has this many pages missing, means that it is like having a copy that a child has crayoned all over, or has been very badly water damaged.

It is not worth anything as far as I am concerned, buyer beware
25 Mar, 2019
2019-3-25 6:53:11 PM UTC
That's an entire gathering missing ("gathering I" as labeled in the facsimile edition). From the photo, it does not look like it was removed, it appears to my eye that it was never there in the first place - thus a binding error rather than a damaged copy. Doesn't change the fact that this is not really a collectible copy in my mind either.

I do expect it will get bids - will be curious to see if there is a minimum and if it is met.
25 Mar, 2019
2019-3-25 8:15:24 PM UTC
Yeah, once pages are missing, doesn't seem to have a lot of collectability. A few hundred dollars, perhaps.

I expect it will still sell for a fair bit, because people are crazy.
26 Mar, 2019
2019-3-26 9:44:05 AM UTC
The seller bought the book in a job-lot from a house clearance for £60, ... -worth-thousands-16019901
31 Mar, 2019
2019-3-31 5:17:50 PM UTC
No final sale price at the moment, ... lse&sd=0&pp=10&pn=1&g=-1#, if anyone spots this, then please update this post.
11 Apr, 2019
2019-4-11 3:33:32 AM UTC
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