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Lord of the RIngs 1966 - 2/1 US

Lord of the RIngs 1966 - 2/1 US

Jul 25

A few years ago I bought (75 £) this edition from Oxfam, the bookshop on St Giles a few meters from the pub "Eagle and Child", Oxford. I saw many boxes sold at exaggerated prices and none was a first printing
What can you tell me about this second edition / first printing.

2174_5d393fb8dc2f2.jpg 500X487 px

2174_5d393fc275235.jpg 500X445 px
Jul 25

I managed to get a set like yours (2nd US Edition, 1967, H&M, The Riverside press, First Printing), in a true "like new" condition
The only thing I can tell, is that a Frist Print of this edition is that condition is really rare, and will grow in value if it is preserved as it is now. We can see a lot of those set of this edition, most often book club sets, or later printings, in various conditions. But a first printing "as new" is really scarce. As far as I am concerned , I will keep mine very preciously.

Jul 29
These are in very nice shape! They are significantly prone to fading from exposure to light so you almost always see the spine color is a little faded compared to the front/back of the dustjacket.

They are not rare in any sense (13,000+ plus copies were in the first print run) but searching for fine condition can make it quite hard to track down.

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