I've been wanting to note publications as they come in and I've been horribly lax about it. Perhaps it will convince a handful of you lot to subscribe. 😉

  • The 2020 "Beyond Bree" Calendar, by Jeremy Edmonds overview
  • "Tolkien, Voyage en Terre du Milieu" at the Bibliothèque nationale, Paris, France announcements
  • Forthcoming books: Tolkien's Lost Chaucer by John M. Bowers; Tolkien's Switzerland: a Biography of One Special Summer by Alex Lewis and Elizabeth Currie.
  • Reviewers wanted announcement
  • Tolkien 2019! - report from Bruce Leonard
  • "My Library was Dukedom Large Enough": The Personal Libraries of Tolkien and CS Lewis, by Dale Nelson - a detailed review of Tolkien's Library by Oronzo Cilli and some of the secondary sources that Cilli refers to.
  • Tolkien and Theosophy? by Mark Hooker
  • The Big Book of Classic Fantasy - reviewed by Nancy Martsch
  • Publications - short review of Lembas 188 and Minas Tirith Evening Star Vol 45, No 3.
  • Letters to "Beyond Bree"
  • Tolkien News and Notes
  • Tolkien 2019 Pictures (by Tobias Eckrich)
  • Loot Crate Pictures (by Nancy Laney)

12 pp., black and white.