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By laurel
Home away from home

Purple Unfinished Tales

24 Jan, 2020 (edited)
2020-1-24 3:10:37 PM UTC

By chance I have another copy of this book I will be selling (Out of my magic box Stu!)

It is in good condition I would say. There are very light indent marks to rear of jacket and only visible in certain light/angles
To be exceptionally picky a minute knock 1-2 mm at bottom of spine but bar that a dam nice book and as we know don't see many come up for sale.

So if anyone here wants first dips on it pre main market give me a shout.

I will do it for £375 plus postage (so guess £10 uk and £30 elsewhere)

Got some more photos if needed

Thanks all

497_5e2b086725811.jpg 2848X2136 px

497_5e2b08c523921.jpg 2848X2136 px
24 Jan, 2020
2020-1-24 7:35:11 PM UTC
Terrific collector's item for sure :O 375 pound is a bit beyond my budget. I'm sure it'll find a good home :)
24 Jan, 2020
2020-1-24 7:51:19 PM UTC
24 Jan, 2020
2020-1-24 8:17:49 PM UTC
Sold pending funds
Thanks guys
24 Jan, 2020
2020-1-24 10:18:56 PM UTC

laurel wrote:
Sold pending funds
Thanks guys

Looks it was a nice copy.

Mine is still sitting in the UK until my wife visits in April. I'll be putting mine up for sale then, for same/similar price, I'd imagine (assuming that when she inspects it, she doesn't find any undisclosed faults).
26 Jun, 2020
2020-6-26 2:38:39 PM UTC
Hello guys,

Just got one for a good price

I'm just wondering if someone has any idea about the number printed by H&C at the time? are we fair below the People of middle earth?

26 Jun, 2020
2020-6-26 2:42:36 PM UTC
I have asked HarperCollins, but they don't have records available for this edition.
26 Jun, 2020
2020-6-26 3:08:12 PM UTC
As per (After Tolkien: Part 1, Unfinished Tales) it only got one print run. But of course it's not known how big that was. The purple edition came out in 1992, if anyone waned to 'match up' with what book of The History of Middle-earth was new at that time to get an idea of the amount printed.
26 Jun, 2020
2020-6-26 3:15:21 PM UTC
I have asked HarperCollins, but they don't have records available for this edition.
26 Jun, 2020
2020-6-26 6:07:38 PM UTC
Weird, yet does....might it have something to do with ALL of their hardback editions using the same ISBN through the years?
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