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25 Mar, 2020
2020-3-25 5:27:21 AM UTC
Thanks for the effort on this! -- I'll try to pick up a bit of it via the live youtube.
25 Mar, 2020
2020-3-25 12:37:49 PM UTC
What a wonderful idea, Jeremy! I'm listening via youtube, it's great!!
Thank you for this gift
26 Mar, 2020
2020-3-26 1:41:35 PM UTC
Congrats for such a successful TRD yesterday. I followed the entire day and it was fantastic from start to finish. So many readers all organized so precisely Jeremy over such a long day is no easy feat.

I salute you and thank you deeply for such a wonderful experience.
26 Mar, 2020
2020-3-26 2:11:07 PM UTC
I did not get much chance to listen yesterday, but when I was able it was fantastic!

Well done Urulókë
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