Please excuse me if I am creating a new thread for this, I hope it is appropriate. I just started watching eBay, AbeBooks and auctions and obviously I have never encountered the 1998 quarter leather bound signed limited Silmarillion, not to mention the lovely 1982 full leather I wanted to ask you what is your experience with them, more or less how many times do they come up?

Moving on to the price, I know that the answer is that the right price is what people are willing to pay. So I will ask what would you be willing to pay and what would you consider reasonable? (I saw some sold items examples on this site but they are from 2018 or 2012) I know that obviously the 1982 is more desirable but this variates according to it being signed or otherwise. I would be very interested in knowing about your overall experience with these books and your considerations about availability, price and all that comes to mind.
Thanks for your patience, I fancy that you probably answered this questions many a time.