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25 Mar, 2022
2022-3-25 3:39:23 PM UTC
A last minute addition, Chad Bornholdt (Texas Tolkien Talk Podcast) freed up his afternoon so he could join his co-host Chad High on the podcast panel. I don't know which one to call "Other Chad"!
25 Mar, 2022
2022-3-25 4:16:02 PM UTC

Urulókë wrote:

A last minute addition, Chad Bornholdt (Texas Tolkien Talk Podcast) freed up his afternoon so he could join his co-host Chad High on the podcast panel. I don't know which one to call "Other Chad"!

I think I might be the "Other Chad"
25 Mar, 2022
2022-3-25 4:16:13 PM UTC
Also, for ease of remembering/sharing, I've changed the Discord link to be much easier to remember/share

(It's the same link behind the scenes)

Join us there for live chat during the event, submit questions to the guests, and maybe with a mathom or two!
25 Mar, 2022
2022-3-25 5:35:31 PM UTC
As is usual I miss these sorts of things for the world encroaching on me but I wish you all a great night and I'll try to follow on YouTube as I can.
25 Mar, 2022
2022-3-25 5:37:03 PM UTC
25 Mar, 2022
2022-3-25 6:00:45 PM UTC
Yes, yes, things are happening on ze Youtubez!
26 Mar, 2022
2022-3-26 3:51:07 AM UTC
Hope everyone had fun. I'll have a skim catch up through the YouTube.
26 Mar, 2022
2022-3-26 9:32:54 AM UTC
I was able to follow along for most of the night. Hearing Dick Plotz and Bob Foster talk was really cool. Even though they are both long retired from Tolkien activities they were still fascinating to listen to. And as others said, to put faces to the names.

The illustrators panel was great, I could listen to Ted and Donato all day.

Listening to James and Elise was especially interesting to me as their respective areas of interest are quite close to mine (although far ahead of my own plans that one day hopefully lead to a university repository focused on Tolkien research).

I caught up a little later on with the open mic, Marcel as always is the funniest guy, typically German in the best ways.

A really fun night. Thanks to Jeremy, Andrew and Chad for putting it on and getting some great names to come talk.
26 Mar, 2022
2022-3-26 10:51:59 AM UTC
Definitely a fun time. I’m glad it was recorded as I didn’t think I’d see any of it live, but fortunately I did actually manage to catch nearly all of it.
27 Mar, 2022
2022-3-27 6:09:05 PM UTC
Glad so many enjoyed the day in various ways - for those who missed our livestream event, or want to go back and re-listen to portions of it, the video will remain up on YouTube, and I have added chapter shortcuts in the description (there and here) so you can jump around if you like.

00:00 - start of the livestream
05:13 - Artists Panel - Jenny Dolfen, Emily Austin, Anke Eissmann, Donato Giancola, Ted Nasmith
1:05:00 - The Tolkien Experience Podcast - Dr. Luke Shelton, Dr. Sara Brown, Sarah Westvik
1:36:45 - More Podcasting - Shawn Marchese and Alan Sisto (The Prancing Pony Podcast), Marcel Aubron-Bülles (SmallTolk Podcast), Chad Bornholdt and Chad High (The Texas Tolkien Talk Podcast)
2:04:00 - Digital Humanities and Education - Elise Trudel Cedeño and James Tauber
2:37:30 - Video and Media - Matt Graf (Nerd of the Rings) - Note that Clifford "Quickbeam" Broadway ( was unavoidably delayed and appears later in the event instead
3:10:00 - Guides to Middle-earth - Dick Plotz (Founder of the Tolkien Society of America, 1965) and Robert "Bob" Foster (author of The Guide to Middle-earth and The Complete Guide to Middle-earth)
3:36:50 - Audio and Audiobooks - Jordan Rannells
4:16:20 - Open Mic! Joined by Clifford Broadway (, Pieter Collier (The Tolkien Library) and many more
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