I attended the Premiere yesterday, which was held in Leicester Square in London.

The square was completely taken over by Amazon for the Premiere. The centre of the square was labelled a 'fan-pen' by Amazon, I did not arrive on time to go into this section.

Fan Pen- Dr Sara Brown.jpg
Fan Pen - Photo by Dr Sara Brown (Twitter)

Two Cinemas (Theatres) were used, The Odeon and Cineworld for the screening.

I had a ticket for the Odeon and this was the cinema that the cast and crew were in.

Odeon Leicester Square

Before the screening of the first two episodes, interviews and 'fans' were shown on the screen in the Odeon, Olwe made an appearance, Marcel can now say that he has been shown on the screen in the Odeon Leicester Square

After the interviews, we had a brief talk from Jeff Bezos, who had also managed to get a ticket, and the show-runners. Finally, all 22 of the main cast came onto the stage, they could only just fit. Some of the cast were seated for the screening in the rows just in front of me, but I could not see them.

Cast - Dr Hannah McDonald.jpg
Photo by Dr Hannah McDonald (Twitter)

The first two episodes were shown and then a trailer for the rest of the series.

I am not going to give any spoilers, but my initial thoughts after watching the first two episodes, were underwhelming.

The episodes are 'fan-fiction' so I am judging this on the quality of the writing and the direction, sets, music, and acting. Nothing in these stood out as being 'great' for me. NĂºmenor is not in the first two episodes, and I am hoping that the story-arc for NĂºmenor is more promising.

Some of the programme seemed to be 'filler' and that for me included the Hobbits and the elf-human romance.

However, I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the show and was glad to be able to attend the Premiere. I'm also hopeful that people could watch this and then think, I would like to see what Tolkien wrote about this and read his books.

Interested to see people's views on Friday of the episodes, we will have a thread to discuss each episode after it is aired, they will be 'unlocked' on the day the episodes are released by Amazon.

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