I am trying to figure out how to encourage more constructive criticism here - there's a lot of crap out there, and everyone should rightfully feel free to call it out, but I feel strongly that it's important (for the health of the community, and the site's post archive being more useful) to lean towards "guide" rather than "vent".

Rather than just saying something like "such-and-such edition is awful", for example you could add some thoughts about what other similar editions have much better quality. What other publishers are doing a better job? What should prospective buyers look out for, and how should they care for books that were made with lesser quality to preserve them best? You don't have to write a novel or even a paragraph, but a thought or two to take the post beyond venting will be appreciated by everyone.

Also, if all the chatter about endless new editions of existing books isn't your thing, write up a post on something Tolkien related that you are passionate about! Stamp First Day Covers is an excellent recent example ?. The audience is here for it.