The Bodleian Library are asking for people to contact them about books they have been given.


Bodleian Libraries

Do you have a story behind a book you have been given? We'd love to hear from you!

We're looking for people to contribute to a photo wall of people with their gift books for our next exhibition Gifts and Books,, at the Weston Library, University of Oxford.

The exhibition explores how acts of gift-giving (and especially giving a book) are intimately bound up with wider social values, but also how they nurture our relationships with friends and family.

We'd like to hear some of those stories of books as gifts today.

A selection of the stories we receive will be featured on a wall and on screens in our exhibition spaces for the duration of the exhibition.

If you have a story of a book you've been given and why it is meaningful to you, please tell us about it in the form below.