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26 Nov, 2023
2023-11-26 7:44:38 PM UTC
That’s a really nice haul! Congrats!
23 January
2024-1-23 3:20:57 PM UTC

LanceFormation wrote:

That’s a really nice haul! Congrats!

Thank you LanceFormation !

A few months later, it's time for a little update:
- LOTR box 78 (10/9/9)
- Hobbit US (3rd/24th)
- A Guide to Middle-earth (1st/2nd)
- Hobbit, UK (2nd/13th)
- Hobbit UK (3rd/17th)
- Le Seigneur des Anneaux, hardback French edition 1992
- Feuille, de Niggle, unique French edition 1994

Very happy with these finds, considering that it seems more and more difficult to find editions in very good condition at reasonable prices on the current market.
(And thank you Berelach for the UK Hobbits )

4998_65afa2314c050.jpg 5472X3648 px

4998_65afa2c70d319.jpg 5472X3648 px

4998_65afa4ca23935.jpg 5472X3648 px

4998_65afa54f15b6e.jpg 5472X3648 px

4998_65afab34d9b69.jpg 5472X3648 px
23 January
2024-1-23 3:41:51 PM UTC
Very nice Bergelmir !!
Your Hobbits look really nice !!
23 January
2024-1-23 5:13:14 PM UTC
Thanks for sharing! Those Hobbits really are in great condition!
25 January
2024-1-25 1:53:27 PM UTC
Thanks guys
25 January
2024-1-25 2:58:53 PM UTC
very nice Bergelmir!

(and perhaps a mod can move this thread from the marketplace?)
25 January
2024-1-25 3:01:10 PM UTC

northman wrote:

(and perhaps a mod can move this thread from the marketplace?)

Had not noticed that, moved, thank you.
7 March
2024-3-7 8:34:41 PM UTC
1 package => 44 books (mainly French editions) !!! I am becoming specialized in massive packages
I wasn't the only buyer since I collect copies for friends but... imagine the pleasure when you open a package like this

4998_65e9ba3d47627.jpeg 1280X826 px
7 March
2024-3-7 8:45:44 PM UTC
C'est magnifique! Thanks for sharing! And all of those look to be in good condition. Although the art on the Ballantine paperbacks was terrible, I have a soft spot in my heart for them as they were my first experience with Tolkien. For some reason that I can no longer remember I had read Lord of the Rings before the Hobbit, and I finished Return of the King a just before Ash Wednesday. I loved reading so much as a kid that I gave up recreational reading during Lent as my Lenten sacrifice. I'll never forget waking up bright and early on Easter morning to read for the first time "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit." I read that Ballantine Hobbit straight through all in one sitting on Easter morning (plus three more books later in the day).
7 March
2024-3-7 8:51:50 PM UTC
From the sack of Father Christmas, he's a bit late these last years...
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