I thought people might be interested in my latest acquisition.

These are 2 game expansions for the SPI Games in Middle Earth Board Games, the Battle of Helm’s Deep and the Battle of the Ford’s of Isen.

These expansions are not published by SPI, but have been designed by an Internet Gaming group called Limey Yank Games.

They use the Rules from the original SPI Gondor/Sauron games but have additional Rules and Charts. Please note that you will need both sets of rules to play these new expansions.

The group have produced Game Boards/Maps, Counters, Additional Rules and Charts for these expansions which can printed off so you can freely play the games. These resources can be found here:
Helms Deep Link
Fords of Isen Link

The collectable aspect of this is that the group offer a printing option to purchase high quality versions of the Game Boards and Counters. They offer a verity of sizes and quality options.

I have just received mine and I must say the quality is very good, very professional.


They do not offer the production of the Rules and Charts, so you have to print those yourself or use the pdf versions.

I have not played the games so I cannot say if they are any good.

The group also produce alternate/updated Game Boards/Maps for the original SPI Games and Expansions (War of the Ring, Gondor and Sauron).