Hello! First post here on the forums, long-time lurker. Began my collection of the slip-cased deluxe editions a few months ago, and I’ve loved reading them immensely.

One question I’ve had, though, as I’ve read them: does anyone have a preferred method for preventing fraying at the end of the silk bookmark? When I’ve finished reading the book, I put the ribbon at the first page of the introduction, then tuck the end of the ribbon between pages twenty or thirty pages back, so it will fit nicely back into the slipcase. I’m worried any chemical or glue I apply to the end of the ribbon will cause staining in between the pages it lives between. And I know burning the end of the silk won’t work like it does for synthetic material. And I don’t want to tie a knot in it and cause an impression of the knot to be pressed in between the pages.

Any recommendations for something that has worked? Thank you in advance!