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13 Dec, 2006
2006-12-13 11:46:42 PM UTC
I will have to read up on RSS to see what I have been missing out on.

My hosting company has just added RSS feeds to my package, so I will try to reciprocate when I get my head around the set up.

I will email you about sorting out my code - thanks for the offer!
14 Dec, 2006
2006-12-14 8:29:56 AM UTC
Wow... if you have one i'll add your feed to my site also... we will be connected! Very nice!!
27 Feb, 2007
2007-2-27 11:41:28 AM UTC

I have updated my feed and now it is working much better! It now has a link towards the correct full article and also the order has been changed so now always the latest news item will appear on top. I think this one will be much more usefull. Could you test it out??
27 Feb, 2007
2007-2-27 4:25:36 PM UTC
Very nice, my (rather hacky) reader seems to like it much better now. It looks like it displays just fine on TCG.

Do people find this module useful? I like seeing what Deagol and Beren are doing, and could add more pages to the list if it seems worthwhile.
27 Feb, 2007
2007-2-27 5:43:56 PM UTC
I turned on the Tolkien Online tab in the Main Menu - it is a full page RSS section, gathering news headlines, etc. Have a blog, website, or other source you want me to track in there?

Unfortunately my HTML to RSS hack for does not date-stamp Deagol's updates correctly, so they end up at the bottom of the list.
27 Feb, 2007
2007-2-27 9:03:10 PM UTC
I have been toying with the idea of using a blog as a method of publishing updates to - and of producing a proper RSS feed. Any suggestions for a free or cheap (~$50) script? I am looking for something that I can incorporate into my site rather than a page on one of the big 'social networks'.
27 Feb, 2007
2007-2-27 10:34:51 PM UTC
Hi there,

I use WordPress

It's free, and has minimal system requirements. Depends on who your host is, quite a few out there already have it installed (or at least the tools you need for it.)

I think you can also include a Blogger or similar blog on your website, but I haven't experimented with that (so the browser would still be pointing at, but the blog content would be coming from

Hope this helps...
28 Feb, 2007
2007-2-28 8:00:59 AM UTC
I build myself a little script (i did some php coding myself) and so I have a headlines page, a news page and i can go in a backhand to add and delete news, then i wrote a php file which builds the rss feed. It is ofcourse a little bit of amateur scripting, but if you wish I can send the files to you to see if you can do something with it...

By the way, very nice page... the headlines all together (over here at TCG). How can i surf to it from the main page?
28 Feb, 2007
2007-2-28 6:02:19 PM UTC
There is a "Tolkien Online" link in the Main Menu in the upper left corner (between "Classifieds" and "The Book of Mazarbul").

I am toying with what to include on that page, I want it to be reasonably useful and informative, so comments or suggestions are welcome. The google feed might need some adjustments as it will likely overwhelm the other feeds in sheer number of headlines.
28 Feb, 2007
2007-2-28 11:55:26 PM UTC
I think I will give WordPress a go when I get a free weekend. I am getting learning my way around php and mysql databases at the moment, with the aim of making my bibliography database driven - I am making progress, but slowly!
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