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Aiglos #4, 2005

  • Issue in Polish with English summaries
  • 152 pp.
  • edition of 400 copies
  • A5
  • the following images and English descriptions are used with permission from Aiglos (Aiglos website)

    Articles and essays
  • A Handful of Most Personal and Subjective Remarks on Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings - Michał Leśniewski 'M.L.'
      These are informal reflections on Peter Jackson's films and on the impression they made on the fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's books. The main question the author poses is whether it is possible to make a screen adaptation of The Lord of Rings? In the present situation the question seems absurd, and yet it has been asked and an attempt at an answer has been made. Although the author has a lot of good feelings for Peter Jackson's work and belongs to those viewers who liked the film, he nevertheless claims that this adaptation confirms that it is impossible to present Tolkien's work on the screen and to preserve all its nuances and its full message.
  • Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings: A Big Little Film - Zofia Stanecka 'Nasturcja Gamgee'
      Is it possible to make a bad adaptation, being nevertheless a good film? Why does Frodo's character not change in the film? What is Peter Jackson's film really about? What are the director's inconsequences? The author of the essay tries to answer these and other questions concerning The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson.
  • How the Ranger Who Became a King Changed into the Ranger Who Stayed a Ranger - Agnieszka Sylwanowicz 'Evermind HS Took'
      This is a comparison of the book and film Aragorns. Although the author notices the similarities, she pays more attention to the differences between both characters, indicating that the director gave up the high tone of the book and decided to present the hero's actions in a more contemporary fashion. As a result of this operation, the viewers see a character less noble than the readers do; the article concludes with an observation that the king did not return.
  • Tolkien Animated - Tadeusz A. Olszański 'Halbarad Dúnadan'
      The article deals with animated screen adaptations of Tolkien's works: The Lord of the Rings directed by Ralph Bakshie (1978), The Return of the King (1979) and The Hobbit (1978) by Artur Rankin Jr. and Jules Bass, and also with the comic series connected with the film, by Luis Bermejo Rojo (1979-80). The author of the essay pays special attention to the film and comic scripts, usually more faithful, both literally and in their message, to Tolkiens' works, than Jackson's film, and at the same time being sources of inspiration for the latter.
  • Film Design or Painstaking Accuracy of Unnoticeable Details - Anna Adamczyk 'Nifrodel'
      The article is devoted to the work of Tolkien artists, Alan Lee and John Howe, who designed the film Middle-earth, and it also describes interesting trivia from the set as well as details of the work done by the authors of the script, the technicians, the modelers and sculptors who put the design to life, often adding their own touches and new solutions of problems.
  • 10000 Costumes for the Actors Under the Sky, 6000 Costumes for the Extras in Their Palaces of Stone - Katarzyna Karina Chmiel 'Kasiopea'
      The article describes the work of Ngila Dickson on the set of The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson.
  • The Weapons of the Film Middle-earth - Ziemowit Karłowicz
      The author describes - in an exhaustive but at the same time condensed way - the weapons used in Peter Jackson's film both by the various tribes and races (Elves, Men, Orcs) and by individual characters (Aragorn, Boromir or Legolas), analyzing the effectiveness and possible uses of such weapons in the real world. The article contains a great wealth of information concerning bows and side-arms.
  • Shore of the Rings -Jerzy Rzymowski 'JeRzy'
      An analysis and assessment of Howard Shore's music composed for Peter Jackson's trilogy.
  • Warm Beds Are Good: Sex and Libido in Tolkien's Writing - Ty Rosenthal 'Tyellas'
      The text, earlier published in Mallorn No. 42, concerns a subject which is not often discussed by Tolkien scholars, although it often appears on various Tolkien forums on the Internet. The author discusses a few essential topics which have turned up in those discussions, especially since Peter Jackson's film appeared in cinemas. She does not agree with the often expressed opinions about homosexual relations between Frodo and Sam, and at the same time she objects to the theses about the lack of sexuality or romantic motifs in Tolkien's works. She indicates that while the latter is true - to some extent - where The Lord of the Rings is concerned, yet in the texts in The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales and The History of Middle-earth romantic motifs, sex and great passions c onnected with them do appear, even more often that it might seem.
  • A Chronology of Middle-earth and the Undying Lands Part II- Łukasz Zarzycki 'Thoronnil'
      This is the third and last part of the series devoted to the chronology of the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. This part is concerned with the First Age of the Sun, a period described in The Silmarillion. Basing his text on a thorough reading of The History of Middle-earth series, the author reconstructs a surprising amount of dates and facts, which can undoubtedly help to complete and set in order the events taking place in the First Age.

    Fanfiction and poetry - Translated by: Katarzyna Karina Chmiel 'Kasiopea' and Agnieszka Szady 'Achika'
  • A Few Words About Fanfiction - Katarzyna Karina Chmiel 'Kasiopea'
      As the title suggests, this is a look at the worldwide phenomenon of Tolkien fanfiction
  • Real Men Wear Jewellery - 'Mouse'
      Almost as famous as The Secret Diaries, awarded with many Internet Prizes - including an award for the best humorous fanfic based on The Silmarillion. Every character and practically every quotation are associated in some way with the events of the First Age, and in all of them there are allusions, hints, references to things written by the Master himself.
  • Very Secret Diaries - 'Cassandra Claire'
      As famous as they are controversial, these are the Secret Diaries of the Fellowship of the Rings selected for you. All of them are, of course, spicy.
  • The issue contains part three of the unique Polish-Quenya Phrasebook, prepared by the Quenya specialist Dominika Kurek 'Elanor',
  • A comic strip, being a continuation of the series Scenes from the Lives of Lolves by Izabela Kamińska 'Elenai'
  • And finally there is a selection of poetry by by Avari , Nifrodel and Dominika Kurek 'Elanor' and Michał Kossowski 'Beren Mablost'. Polish tolkienistic news and Tolkien riddles.

    Reviews and interviews
  • An interview with Father Joachim Badeni OP - by the editors
  • Tolkien Through Russian Eyes or in the Labyrinth of Langauge -review by Tadeusz A. Olszański 'Halbarad Dúnadan'
  • Weapons and War - Between Tolkien and Jackson Michael Perry -review by - Anna Dąbkowska 'Nilcamiel'
  • A Guide to Everything. The Rough Guide to "The Lord of the Rings" -review by - Agnieszka Sylwanowicz 'Evermind HS Took'
  • Sean Astin Not Only About Himself. There and back again. An Actor's Tale -rewiew by -Agnieszka Sylwanowicz 'Evermind HS Took'
  • The Lord of the Rings - a Symphony in Six Parts. A Report from Howard Shore's concert in Antwerp -rewiew by -Magdalena Kroczak 'Tallis Keeton'
  • In Memory of Humphrey Carpenter 1946-2005 -rewiew by -Michał Leśniewski 'M.L.'

  • 'Katarzyna Karina Chmiel 'Kasiopea':
      The Aiglos logo, cover art - Excuse Me, But WHO Is this?, Rosie and Sam, Eowyn and Faramir, Idril and Maeglin, This Is My Son Maeglin, illustrations for fanfiction stories ;
  • Andrzej Grzechnik:
      The Rangers of Ithilien (fragment), King Théoden (fragment), Tuor, Voronwë and Túrin, Orcs;
  • 'Karolina Stopa-Olszańska 'Melinir':
      Finwë and Miriel, Lúthien, Beren and Dior
  • Jenny Dolfen
      Fëanor's Family;
  • Izabela Kamińska 'Elenai':
      Comic Strip "Gandalf the Barbarian";
  • Ewa Grzybowska 'Pantera' :
      Nazgul's Horse
  • Jarek Nocoń::
  • Katarzyna Wojdak 'Avari' :
      back cover, ornaments and borders
  • Matylda Tomaszewska 'Maniaiel' :
      Young Turin
  • Maciek Wygnański 'Isilion' :
      Thorin and Roak, Eöl
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