The Maps Of Tolkien's Middle-Earth
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Annúminas v4 n3

  • Aredhel by Marthe Benedict
  • Dear Readers by the Editors
  • Editors' Columns
  • Journey and Farewell to Middle-earth Calligraphy by Diane F. Fisli
  • Castle by Cheryl Madera (Melian)
  • Venite in Terra di Mezzo! by Alexander (Eltaridil) Madai
  • Finishing the Tales of Middle-earth by Darrell A. Martin
  • Letters to Rivendell
  • Puzzle by Renee (Arwen) Alper and then Greenbergs
  • Elvish Message by Greg Alper (Earendil)
  • August Calendar
  • Púkel-man by Diane F. Fisli
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