The Shaping of Middle-Earth: 4 (Histories of Middle-Earth)
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Annúminas v5 n3

  • Dernhelm by Joyce "Éowyn" Kreuz
  • Arwen's Inside Information
  • Minas Minutes by Mike "Radagast" Mullen
  • Rangers and Other Strangers by Ruth "Raéniel" Corbett
  • Notes on the Haradrim and Westfarthing
  • Mathom House by Darrell Martin (Forbarad)
  • The Wedding: Part II by "Finlaurië" Farkas
  • Illustrations by "Finlaurië" Farkas
  • A Modern Myth by Mike "Radagast" Mullen
  • Royal Doulton Reappears
  • Letters to Rivendell
  • Puzzle by Renee (Arwen) Alper
  • Elvish Message by Eric (Malbeth) Epstein and Renee (Arwen) Alper
  • Thorondor by Jean "Endolas" Danielsen
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