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If you've made it this far, you probably have at least a mild interest in collecting (hopefully something Tolkien related, but not necessarily.) I hope you find these articles helpful. Many thanks to those contributors who have written or given permission to reprint their articles from elsewhere!

  • Connecting with History - An Interview with Barbara Remington
  • Caring For Your Tolkien Collection, by Christina Scull & Wayne G. Hammond
  • Book Terminology, from the Independent Online Booksellers Association
  • Description Definitions, from the Independent Online Booksellers Association
  • Tolkien Jigsaws Are Hobbit Forming - an interview with Hugh Abramson at International Polygonics, Ltd.
  • Buying Books Online - just a stub article at the moment
  • A Tolkienian Mathomium Review - by Jeremy Edmonds
  • Black and White Ogre Country Review - by Jason Fisher
  • Auction Archive Pages
  • Bloomsbury Auctions - a UK auction house that regularly has Tolkien materials for sale
  • Recent Sotheby's Auctions
  • RR Auction
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