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Beyond Bree, Oct 2006

  • Nancy Martsch, ed.
  • Beyond Bree website
  • Newsletter of American Mensa - Tolkien Special Interest Group
  • Cover art by James Dunning: "The Bridge of Khazad-Dum"
  • 12 pp.
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • corner stapled photocopy

  • A Tolkienian Mathomium - Review by Dr. Rainer Nagel - p. 2
  • The Children of Hurin press release reproduced - p. 2
  • "The Mythcon Almostly Wasn't" by James Dunning - p. 3
  • "Tolkien's Languages: Love Plus or Minus" by James Dunning - pp. 4-5
  • Learning Not to Touch - Review by Joe Christopher - p. 5
  • "Bootless Translation" by Mark Hooker - p. 6
  • "Tolkien's Aragorn and Rider Haggard's Heart of the World" by Dale Nelson - pp. 7-8
  • "El Saneamiento de la Comarca - El Musical" p. 8
  • Publications - p. 9
  • Letters to "Beyond Bree" - p. 10
  • Tolkien news and Notes - p. 11
  • About the Cover - p. 12

The Mathomium review is a reprint (also appearing in Hither Shore Vol. 3). The Press Release is verbatim from other online sources. The Dunning articles are excellent reads on language in Tolkien and elsewhere - I especially liked the difficulties of translation (especially of jokes) that tied in with the "Bootless" piece quite well. Learning Not to Touch is the first published book of poetry by Michael Tolkien - the reviewer stretches to find any connection to his grandfather. A solid argument for Tolkien's debt to Haggard is made by Dale Nelson.

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