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Bloomsbury Sale #572

Sale Date - June 15, 2006
714. Tolkien (J.R.R.) [The Lord of the Rings], 3 vol., comprising: The Fellowship of the Ring, fifth impression, 1956; The Two Towers, fourth impression, 1956; The Return of the King, first edition , 1955, folding map to each vol., original cloth, dust-jackets slightly soiled and with a couple of tears to joints, 8vo est. £400 – £600 Sold for £440
715. Tolkien (J.R.R.) Autograph Letter and note sent to Joy Hill, Tolkien's secretary, to type and send on, replying to a 4pp. letter from Michael Blashka of East Northport, Long Island, writing in the guise of an interpreter to King Ephedolos, who enquires when The Silmarillion will be published and asking what happens to Frodo when he crosses the sea (decorating his letter with runes and a map), 3pp., 8vo, Headington, Oxford, n.d. [ late 1960s], thanking King Ephedalos for his "writing to him and expressing approval of the historical books so far issued", and answering questions, "the professor is unable to name a date for the issue of the Silmarillion... The professor has no clear knowledge of the fate of Frodo or others permitted to 'cross the sea'", and an autograph note initialled ?"JR", " Blashka A 'cracked' letter! No need of course, to reply. Though (I am afraid) this kind of thing amuses me, since I may be considered rather cracked myself (in similar ways). The writer is simpleminded but intelligent; and at any rate has tackled the difficult Angerthas with tolerable success & 'Playing the Game' with readers of this sort (if not too time-wasting) is perhaps worthwhile, if only as a means of keeping interest in the L.R. alive among the less fantasised (or drugged) young folk", 8vo & 4to est. £3000 – £4000 Unsold
716. Tolkien (J.R.R. & Christopher) The History of Middle-Earth, 12 vol., first editions except for vol.I & IV (reprints), original boards, dust-jackets, a fine set, 8vo, 1984-96. est. £800 – £1200 Sold for £800
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