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Guide to Tolkien's Letters
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Digging Potatoes, Growing Trees

  • "A Selection from 25 Years of Speeches at the Tolkien Society's Annual Dinners"
  • Volume 1:
  • ISBN-10 0905520084
  • ISBN-13 9780905520087
  • Volume 3:
  • ISBN 978-0-905520-13-1
  • Charles Coulombe, from 1994, argues that the dismissal of wonder and awe beyond the bounds of rationalism deprives us of our right to develop alternative was of understanding the imperfect world in which we find ourselves. In 1998 Michael Tolkien, J R R Tolkien's grandson takes his grandfather's intuition that Eden is in our memories as a longing for somewhere that we cannot turn back to, and acceptance that there is no turning back, he demonstrates how Art, though fleeting is a genuine part of that vision. From 1999, author Michael Scott Rohan describes how Tolkien shaped his personal vision in far-reaching ways, and how music is one of the most powerful forces in their lives. Finally from 2000 Patrick Curry addresses the two sides of the quest - Took, seeking adventure, and Baggins, longing for home.
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