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Eldritch Dream Quest #1

  • November, 1960
  • 28 pp.
  • "J. R. R. Tolkien - A Survey" by Arthur J. Weir
Review from Skyrack 27:
ELDRITCH DREAMQUEST 1 (Nov 60 ; Peter Mansfield, 14 Whiteford Rd., Slough, Bucks.; 1/- ; 5/- or $1 for 5) I’m somewhat in doubt as to why Peter is charging Stateside fen a buck for 5 issues. This is DREAMQUEST with a new title and a new policy. Jim Cawthorn has a cover here and Roy Morgans and Mike Thompson contribute some good straight artwork. Doc Weir writes on Tolkein [sic], Peter writes on Dunsany and Mike Moorcock contributes a short story. If you’re interested in Dunsany, Tolkein [sic] or the Conan branch of fantasy, this British AMRA is obviously for you.
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