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Endòre #4

  • April 2001
  • Two points of view, by Endòre
  • Historical Bias in the making of the Silmarillion, by Alex Lewis (translated by Roberto Di Scala) (reprinted from Nigglings)
  • Narration in the Lord of the Rings, by Beppe Roncari
  • An Enquiry on the Psychology of the Dwarves, by David Funk (translated by Carlo Stagnaro)
  • Shall I at Least Set My Lands in Order, by Roberto Di Scala
  • A Misunderstood Man, by Joseph Pearce (translated by Roberto Di Scala)
  • The Water Pool, by Lorenzo Daniele
  • The Unbearable Wait, by F. Casu and F. Delle Rupi
  • Panel on Dwarves, by Endòre
  • A Semi-serious Analogy between Tolkien and the Job of the Bible, by Alberto Quagliaroli
  • The Interviewers of the Evil, by Elena Grecchi and Beppe Roncari
  • One glade in the Ithilien - 2nd part, by Alex Lewis (translated by Roberto di Scala) (reprinted from Nigglings)
  • The Western Land of the West And Other poems, by Alberto Quagliaroli
  • The Fall of Isengard, by Enrico Imperatori
  • The New Shadow, by J. R. R. Tolkien (translated by Roberto Di Scala)
  • Joseph Pearce - Tolkien: a Celebration, by Paolo Barbiano di Belgiojoso
  • H. Dickinson - A Film Portrait, by Lorenzo Daniele
  • The Italian Translation of Beowulf: the Monsters and the Critics, by Franco Manni
  • JRRT's opinion about ... Movies on ThLotR, by Franco Manni
  • Internet Corner - The Sites on the Movie, by Agostino Maiello
  • Gollum's Cave - Don't Do That, o Dark Lord !, by Edoardo Vitto
  • Mathom - ThLorR Vignettes, by Riccardo Moretti
  • The Hobbiville Library - Updates from UK and USA, by Enrico Imperatori
  • The Archives of Minas Tirith - The Anniversaries, by Beppe Roncari
  • Master Halgan's Workshop, by Enrico Clementel
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