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Endòre #7

  • October 2004
  • The Problem of The Choice, by Alex Lewis
  • The Problem of the Evil, by Alberto Quagliaroli
  • Tolkien and Spirituality, by Christopher Garbowski
  • Tolkien and Internet, by Beppe Roncari
  • Denethor, by Graziella Visintin
  • Interview to Shippey, by Franco Manni
  • Report on the Convention, by Alex Lewis
  • Actagenda, by Endòre
  • A Glade in the Ithilien - Fifth Part, by Alex Lewis (reprinted from Nigglings)
  • In tre si è in Compagnia, di Enrico Imperatori
  • Poetry, by J. R. R. Tolkien
  • Different Essays about Tolkien, by Carlo Stagnaro
  • The annotated Hobbit, by Agostino Maiello
  • Tolkien Portfolio, by Beppe Roncari
  • Spirituality in LoR, by Paolo Barbiano
  • A Glade in the Ithilien, by Franco Manni
  • Tolkien author of the Century, by Franco Manni
  • Ubi maior Minor cessat, by Franco Manni
  • The Truth about Tolkien, by Franco Manni
  • The movie by Jackson, by Filippo Rossi
  • The movie by Peter Jackson, by Enrico Imperatori
  • L'anello che non tiene, by Simone Bonechi
  • The Life of J. R. R. Tolkien, by Elena Grecchi
  • On S. Francesco and Tolkien, by Paolo Barbiano
  • The Art of Ted Nasmith, by Davide Cattaneo
  • Tolkien speaks about ..., by Lorenzo Daniele
  • The Internet Corner, by Andrea Alberici
  • Mathom, by Riccardo Moretti
  • The Library of Hobbiton, by Enrico Imperatori
  • The Fear of Demons, by Fabio Bono
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