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Fanzines, Newsletters, Journals

An introduction to the early days of Tolkien fanzines can be found here: An Early Tolkien Fanzine History. If you are looking for a comprehensive list of publications, use the sidebars on the right to navigate through a full alphabetical listing. As you browse or search through this guide, you will run across entries that mention being in the Marquette collection, The Tolkien Society archives, or other archives. All of these facilities are open to the public for research purposes, though you may only be able to access microfilm copies and not the originals. This guide is making every attempt to stay current with the major library archives, but it would never hurt to search their archives directly.

  • The Tolkien Society Archive website
  • Marquette University Library website (MARQCAT)
  • Boston Green State University Library website
  • University of Iowa M. Horvat collection website
  • A listing of Tolkien Fandom Organizations that have published materials.

    Currently active (semi-)periodicals

  • Aiglos - Journal of Śląski Klub Fantastyki - Polish Tolkien Society
  • Amon Hen - Semimonthly newsletter for The Tolkien Society
  • Beyond Bree - Mensa Tolkien Special Interest Group
  • BiSTE - Sociedad Tolkien Española
  • Elanor - bulletin of Shiro No Norite - Japanese Tolkien Society
  • Endòre - Italian smial of The Tolkien Society
  • Estel - Sociedad Tolkien Española
  • Der Flammifer von Westernis - Magazine of the Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft
  • Halifirien - Österreichische Tolkiengesellschaft (Austrian Tolkien Society)
  • Hither Shore - Annual journal of the Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft
  • Hobittilan Sanomat - Newsletter of Suomen Tolkien-seura - Finnish Tolkien Society
  • Legolas - Journal of Suomen Tolkien-seura - Finnish Tolkien Society
  • Lembas - Journal of Tolkien Genootschap Unquendor - The Dutch Tolkien Society
  • Mallorn - Journal of The Tolkien Society
  • Minas Tirith - Società Tolkieniana Italiana
  • Minas Tirith Evening Star - Newsletter of the American Tolkien Society
  • Miruvor - Publication of Taruithorn smial of The Tolkien Society
  • Mythic Circle - fan fiction and poetry from The Mythopoeic Society
  • Mythlore - academic journal of The Mythopoeic Society
  • Mythprint - newsletter of The Mythopoeic Society
  • Палантир (Palantir) - newsletter of The St. Petersburg Tolkien Society
  • Parma Eldalamberon - linguistic special interest journal of The Mythopoeic Society
  • SEVEN (VII) - An Anglo-American Literary Review - Wheaton College
  • Silver Leaves - The White Tree Fund
  • Star Of The North
  • Terra di Mezzo - Italian Tolkien Society
  • The Tolkien Collector - Christina Scull, ed., with Wayne Hammond
  • Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review - West Virginia University Press
  • Vinyar Tengwar - Elvish Linguistic Fellowship
  • ...
  • The following article was written by Hildifons Took (Sumner Hunnewell) back in 1994 as an overview of the Tolkien community the prior year. It is reproduced here with permission in its entirety as a wonderful snapshot of a moment of history in Tolkien fandom. Tolkien Fannish and Scholarly Activities and Publications for 1993

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