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Gwaihir #7, 2003

  • 112 pp.
  • color cover
  • 22 B&W illustrations
  • 17 texts in Polish and English
"Contains a lot of interesting articles touching Polish Tolkien fandom problems, philosophy, Polish translation of The Lord of the Rings, linguistics. Gwaihir is also a place where the Polish Tolkien Society's artists showed us their beautiful art. " "This issue contains three linguistic texts:
  • Lea Sheler's Fëanor's Betrayal (in English!) being an interesting Sindarin composition by Lea with its linguistic analysis, tengwar transcription, etc.
  • Ryszard Derdzinski's Consonant Mutations In Conceptual Evolution of Noldorin/Sindarin Phonology (in English!)
  • Derdzinski's In Pathless Mirkwood. Three Central European Motifs In Tolkien's Legendarium (about linguistic associations of Rübezahl-Gandalf, Mirkiwudu-Mirkwood and Radagaisus-Radagast - in Polish)." (Gwaihir website)
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