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Hoom #2 - 1968

  • September 1968
  • Bee Bowman, Frank Denton, eds.
  • Art by Ann Chamberlain, Joe Zalabak, Elaine J. Cooke.
  • Wonderful Tengwar plate by John Closson

Table of Contents
  • "Gollum's Grandmother" by Bee Bowman, p. 1
  • "From the Fountain of the Withered Tree" by Frank Denton, p. 3
  • "Joe's Turn" by Joe Zalabak
  • "Tape Recording", p. 7
  • "The Elf Friend", a poem by Michael Gilbert, p. 8
  • "In the Orc Tower", a drawing, p. 9
  • "Of Sting and Others" by Patrick Strang, p. 10
  • "Unvarnished Battle" a poem by Harriett Kolchak, p. 14
  • "A Music Column - The Springle-Ring", p. 15
  • "Elvish Writing Plate" by John Closson, p. 18
  • "A Time of Waiting, Part I" a short story by Tova Inpyn, p. 19
  • "Swordpoint" (letters), p. 25
  • "Translation of Elvish Plate" a poem by Marie Laverty, lettered by John Closson, p. 33
  • "Date With Kate" by Kate Bowman, p. 34
  • "News Items" by Frank Denton, p. 35
  • "Substitute Steeds" by Bee Bowman, p. 37
  • Mailing Comments, p. 41
  • Challenge - A Puzzle - p. 49

    Frank briefly reviews The Tolkien Relations and Tolkien and the Critics. Joe gives a humerous review of Leonard Nimoy's singing ability. The Orc Tower drawing is fairly amateurish, but that could be partially due to the mimeo effect. "Of Sting..." is a general overview of heroic weapons in The Lord of the Rings as well as other sagas, such as Kalevala. The John Closson plate is visually stunning, a masterful piece of calligraphy (as is the English translation on page 33). In the letters section, Bob Foster tears the prior issue's article on Beryl stones apart.

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