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  • Netherlands
  • 1981 - present
  • Still active
  • 1982- no.4,7,9-10,12-30... in Marquette collection
  • Nos. 53-62 (1992-1994) in Marquette Hunnewell collection
  • Sep 1981-Nov 2003: Nos 1-52, 54, 56, 58-71, 73-77, 79-92, 94-104, 106-109, 111 in The Tolkien Society archive.
  • also issued various information booklets (see below)

The language of publication is Dutch. #50 was in English, #100 contained a number of English contributions. From #133 (March 2008) on, some articles in English are included, mainly those by Pieter Collier supplied directly from his website

Lembas (proper) has always had 5 issues per society year (22 September - 21 September), but to keep to this schedule rigidly, sometimes a double issue was published:
#5/6 (thus belonging to two years!)
#20/21 (thus also belonging to two years!)
#81/82 (see below!)

Two publications each year are issued as a supplement to Lembas:

  • the information booklet of variable data (such as committee members, list of recipients of Unquendor's Gold pin of Merit, list of members, list of Tolkien Societies around the world), usually with the second or third issue of the society's year;
  • the booklet of official papers for the AGM, always with the last issue (number divisble by five) of the society's year.

For a number of years one issue (usually the third) was called Lembas Special, and had a named theme. This was a regular issue of Lembas and not to be confused with Lembas Extra! The list is:

  • 1989/90 #43: Dragons
  • 1990/91 #48: Dwarves
  • 1991/92 #53: Wizards
  • 1992/93 #58: Tolkien influence on Fantasy
  • 1993/94 #63: Evil
  • 1994/95 #68: Fantasy (stories)
  • 1995/96 #72: Poetry
  • 1996/97 #78: Elves
  • 1997/98 #83: Beasts
  • 1998/99 #88: Ents
  • 1999/2000 #93: Beorn
  • 2000/01 #98: Women
  • 2002/03 #108: Nazgûl

And then there are the famous 'missing Lembais'. A separate #82 was never issued! Actually #81/82 is a double issue, but was labeled 81 only by mistake. The rectification of this mistake can be found in the editorial of #83.

#105 in fact was issued, but by mistake it was labeled #104. So there are two issues numbered #104. Look at the contents page (p. 1) and above the contents you will find the month of issue: mei 2002 [May 2002] for the real #104, juli 2002 [July 2002] for the #104 that is really #105. Again, the rectification of this mistake is in the editorial of #106. So if the TS Archives do not have #105 it's because they have disposed of it thinking it was a surplus #104!

[Many thanks to Harm Schelhaas, International Liaison for the Tolkien Society Unquendor in the Netherlands for most of the information in this article. All mistakes are mine by transcription or omission!]

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