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Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook II

  • 1989
  • #2210
  • ISBN: 1-55806-078-2
  • Author: Jessica M Ney
  • 64 pp.

In a fantasy role playing game, you become a main character in an adventure you create. This adventure guide helps you capture the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, world of THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS. Converse with the Elves in their own language! In this volume, an Elvish Dictionary provides pronunciation and grammar guidelines for the Eldarin tongues, Sindarin and Quenya. Listed translations of Elvish and English words and phrases let you decipher the silver speech of Elven Lords and create authentic names for the Eldar and their enchanted sites. A Glossary of Terms lists Middle-earth definitions, identities, and places in an accessible index. Your campaign comes alive with the secrets of the Ainur, the whereabouts of Hildórien and the lineage of Thranduil - all at your fingertips! A new, poster-size map brings you Middle-earth in full detail and color - unfold and find yourself in the land of Elves and Wizards! Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook II includes:
  • An Elvish Dictionary
  • Pronunciation guidelines
  • Grammar guidelines
  • Translations to and from Englsh and the Elven tongues
  • A Glossary of Terms
  • A handy reference to Middle-earth characters, cultures, places, and things
  • A new full-color poster map of Middle-earth
  • A 2' X 3' detailed map of northwest Middle-earth, the focus of Tolkien's THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE RINGS
  • This guide is a useful supplement to ICE's Middle-earth Role Playing (MERP) adventure modules, and has statistical information based on the MERP and Rolemaster fantasy systems. This information is readily adaptable to most FRP systems. Guidebook II contains new and different material from that of the first Middle-earth Guidebook.
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