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Campaign and Adventure Guidebook

  • 1982, 1983
  • #2200
  • ISBN: Unknown
  • Author: Peter C. Fenlon, Jr
  • 25 pp.
  • This book was replaced by the 2nd Edition Middle-earth Campaign Guide (1993) which also includes the 1st Edition Middle-earth Adventure Guidebook II (1989) sourcebook.

  • A full-color 24" x 36" poster map of Middle-earth, including the wild lands - north, south, and east - and a superimposed reference grid.
  • Descriptions of the principal inhabitants of Middle-earth, including: a language tree and linguistic data; cultural notes; and an in depth time line.
  • Maps and notes on Middle-earth's topography, climate, trade routes, and population centers.
  • Guidelines for incorporating Middle-earth into any major role playing system.
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