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DARK MAGE of Rhudaur

  • 1989
  • #8013
  • ISBN: 1-55806-072-3
  • Author: Jeffery McKeage
  • 40 pp.

This supplement embroils adventurers in a desperate attempt to save the Beacon Towers of the Dúnedain. The last bastions of the Free Peoples in Rhudaur, these towers oppose the unscrupulous Cultirith Rangers, Orc troops, packs of Wargs, and the newly awakened horror from the Yfelwood, all now gathered by Angmar's minion - the Dark Mage.

Peril, mystery and evil await the adventurous in the declining kingdom of Rhudaur. The Witch-King of Angmar is preparing to launch a new war against the Dúnedain of the North. Will you bolster the defenses of one of the threatened Beacon Towers? This is but one of the challenges. Fight barbaric Dunmen who plunder a well-travelled trade route. Confront the Yfelwood shadow, arisen from the mists of the ancient past.

    DARK MAGE OF RHUDAUR contains:
  • COMPLETE LAYOUTS AND AREA MAPS depicting adventure sites.
  • CONCISE BACKGROUND INFORMATION on the politics and history of the Angle, the land between the Bruinen and Mitheithel Rivers.
  • 3 FULLY-DETAILED ADVENTURES: including stats and other game aids.
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