An Hobbit, pe, Eno ha Distro: The Hobbit in Breton (Breton Edition)
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Minas Tirith Evening Star Vol 24., no. 1 - 1995

  • Spring 1995
  • 16 pages
  • 8.5" x 11"

Paul Ritz once again pulls out the stops with snippets from Tolkien fandom or the odd Tolkien coffee cup. The highlight of the issue is a review of two dramatizations of The Hobbit in the U.S. One seems to be the standard (poor) play that many companies take up-- though this time with an "addition of characters such as Hobbit Buttercup, Goblins Lieutenant Quasar..., Valley Elves Fran, Bambi, Star and Pirouette, and Wood Elves Buffy, Bubble and Bouncy, not to mention Elven Queen Caroline." The other play looked to be a bit more expressive and creative, including the use of modern dress for the characters which sounds very interesting (the goblins are street gangs, the Council of Laketown are yuppies, the Elves are flower children and Gollum becomes a bag lady)--definitely a new twist on things. Poems fill the last half of the journal (including four devoted to Galadriel!).

Review by Sumner Hunnewell

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