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Mythcon Proceedings

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Mythcons I-III in Marquette collection
  • Narnia Conference: November 29, 1969, at Palms Park, West Los Angeles CA
  • Mythcon I: September 4‐7, 1970, at Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA
  • Mythcon II: September 3‐6, 1971, at Francisco Torres Conference Center, Santa Barbara CA
  • Mythcon III: June 30‐July 4, 1972, at Edgewater Hyatt House, Long Beach CA, in conjunction with Westercon XXV
  • Mythcon XVI: July 26‐29, 1985, at Wheaton College, Wheaton IL
  • Mythcon XXIII, joint conference with the Tolkien Society, 1992, Published as a joint Mallorn and Mythlore (#80)
  • Mythcon XXIX: July 15‐20, 1998, at Wheaton College, Wheaton IL

Only a few Mythcon proceedings have been published; after Mythcon III, presenters were encouraged to submit their papers to Mythlore instead. The Mythcon XXIX C.S. Lewis/Owen Barfield Souvenir Book is a special case—it is not technically a proceedings, but nevertheless includes some important material. The Proceedings for Mythcon XVI was never formally printed but is simply a mimeographed collection of papers with an overall pagination that exists in a few scattered copies. All but six of the items collected were later reprinted in Mythlore. Copies are known to be held at Hope College, the Wade Center at Wheaton College, and the special collections at Marquette University.

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