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The Mything Link

  • California
  • Dave Hulan and Gracia Fay Ellwood, eds.
  • Monthly
  • Contains many The Mythopoeic Society branch meeting reports and after issue 17, chaged its name to Early English
  • Nos. 1-17 (1970-1972) in Marquette Hunnewell collection

From issue #1: "The idea of The Mything Link is that the branch Secretaries, or their designees, will record the significant discussion at their respective branches and report same to me. I will then edit as required and publish enough copies to account for the estimated attendance at each branch, the subscription list, and about 10% overrun. Back issues will be in very limited supply and will not be reprinted. . . ."

From Fantasiae Vol. 1 no 3 (June 1973) review: "Back in the days when Mythprint was a one-sheet bulletin listing times and places of meetings, [The Mything Link] printed branch discussion reports, letters, gripes, party reports, and similar nonsense. Then Mythprint began to grow, and Mything Link sort of stopped. After something over a year... it revived for its final issue, to announce the birth of something called Early English."

  • No. 1 also numbered as "Volume I, Number 1" - Feb 1970
  • No. 2 - March 1970
  • No. 3 - April 1970
  • No. 4 - May 1970
  • No. 5 - June 1970
  • ...
  • No. 12 also numbered as "Volume II, No. 1 (Jan. 1971)."
  • ...
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