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Mythlore Vol. 1 no. 2

  • Mythopoeic Society
  • April 1969
  • 8-1/2"x11"
  • 56 pp. including covers
  • Glen GoodKnight, ed.
  • With artwork by George Barr, Bonnie Bergstrom, Tim Kirk, Daniel Volman, Bernie Zuber.

    Contents include
  • "The Counsel of Elrond" by Glen GoodKnight
  • "The Elvish New Year Picnic" by Gerald Rioux
  • "Across the Bradywine" by Bernie Zuber
  • "Ring of Power"(poem) by Christopher Barczak
  • "Leonardo, Tolkien, and Mr. Baggins" by Colin Duriez
  • "Rohan" (poem) by Karen Trimble
  • "To Charles Williams" (Poem) by Rand Kuhl
  • "World of Fanzines" by Bernie Zuber
  • "Elivish Dictionary (Part II)" by Sandra Ballif
  • "The Simple Prince"(an original story) by Mark Spradley
  • "The Rape of the Hobbit" by Fred Brenion
  • "Lore of Logres" by Rand Kuhl
  • "Missives" by Mythlore
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